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Type Guide: Which Type of Shoe Cabinet Is Right for You?

Apr. 16, 2022

Tired of cluttered, messy shoes cluttering up your closet or entryway? Well, you don't have to put up with them anymore. There are a variety of shoe cabinets on the market to choose from to fit any type of living space; from large houses to small apartments. You might actually be surprised at all the different types of shoe racks and shoe cabinets to choose from!
We'll take a look at some of them in more detail to give you an idea of what you can purchase to solve your shoe storage problems.


Plain Shoe Cabinets

Regular Shoe Cabinets Some regular cabinets are designed to be used as shoe cabinets inside. Adjusting the height of the shelves helps to accommodate different sizes of shoes such as boots, heels and men's shoes. Some have ventilation holes so that shoes don't get moldy.
The best part of the cabinet is that it is an attractive piece of furniture that looks like a regular cabinet but functions to store shoes. You can even place decorative items such as vases or picture frames on it.


Type Guide: Which Type of Shoe Cabinet Is Right for You?

Over-the-Door Shoe Shelves

A shoe rack outside the door is a simple but effective way to neatly store many shoes. It requires no assembly and simply hangs on a standard door or closet rod. Most of this type of storage has 24 pockets, so you can store up to 24 shoes, but each pocket can only hold one shoe. The pockets protect them from dust and damage.
Ideal for bedrooms with limited closet space, hallway cabinets - or for storing other items instead of shoes if you prefer.


Tilting shoe cabinet

If you have a lot of shoes, drop-down (tilt) shoe cabinets are perfect for organizing your shoes and keeping them on the floor or providing more space in your closet. Tilt shoe cabinets are slimmer than regular shoe cabinets, which is a good option if you want to place a shoe cabinet in a narrow hallway.
Most of these types of shoe cabinets do require assembly and can be difficult to assemble. Unless you are good at assembling furniture, we recommend that you hire a professional assembler.


Type Guide: Which Type of Shoe Cabinet Is Right for You?


Under Bed Shoe Cabinet

Do you need more space to store your shoes? You can use the extra space under your bed. The Underbed Shoe Organizer with four rollers allows you to easily slide them out from under the bed and back in again when you're done. It's lightweight, easy to maneuver and easy to assemble.
Another option for under-bed shoe storage is the bag type. It has a clear plastic lid with compartments and can store up to 12 pairs of children's and adult shoes. No matter how long you store them, your family's shoes won't get dusty.

Shoe racks in closets

One type of shoe rack has a hanging shoe rack with 5 to 10 mesh pockets. This is a compact and narrow storage system for hanging shoes that takes up minimal space. Some people complain that the compartments are too small, but if you want to put larger shoes, a larger compartment would be better.
Another type is a sturdy shoe hook that can be hung on any closet rod to easily store shoes. It may only allow for three or four shoes to be placed vertically, but it can dry shoes better and hold their shape better.


Entryway Shoe Bench

Shoe benches are easy to install in your entryway to put away your shoes right after you leave work or walk the dog. You can also sit on them to put on and take off your shoes. Usually the bench requires assembly, but it is very simple. Best suited for hallway or entry areas, bedrooms.
There is usually plenty of room inside.  It is slightly more expensive than other options, but requires almost no assembly, just screw on the legs and you're done.


Type Guide: Which Type of Shoe Cabinet Is Right for You?


Freestanding Shoe Rack

The freestanding shoe rack is perfect for families with many shoes or for those who collect shoes. Since it is stackable or/and expandable, it can be adjusted to suit your needs. 
While it may not have the aesthetic appeal of a shoe cabinet, it is lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble for the price.


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