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Top Tips on How to Choose A Best Closet for Me

Mar. 18, 2022

Having the right storage space is key to turning your bedroom into a clutter-free sanctuary, and a well-chosen wardrobe is the furniture item most likely to provide space for more organised living. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect storage options for your bedroom.

1 Usage

There are hundreds of different closets on the market, from double-door, three-door, sliding, mirrored, fitted and freestanding.

So the first question to ask yourself is, what kind of storage space do you mainly need? Hanging space for clothes, shelves for shoes, drawers for smaller clothes, an area for cosmetics or accessories, or a combination?

Once you have determined the exact purpose of your closet, you can then consider the features it needs to provide, which will help guide you on the external and internal specifications you need it to meet.


4 Doors Combi Bedroom Wardrobe With Drawer

2 Functionality

It's important to know the approximate length of hanging space you need in proportion to the type of clothes you have. If you plan to store long coats, evening gowns and dresses in your closet and not elsewhere in the house, you will likely need hangers that optimize the full height of your closet, while suits, skirts and dresses can be hung comfortably on half-height rails, which immediately doubles the amount of hanging space.

When it comes to shelves and drawers, again, think carefully about what you will be storing primarily. Many closets now offer super-innovative interior designs with built-in shoe racks, jewelry drawers and adjustable compartments to enhance organizational options.


3 Size

A common question is how big should the closet be? This depends on many factors, including the space in your bedroom and your closet requirements. In terms of what's on the market, most manufacturers make closets that are at least 45 cm deep, which should be enough to give you the option of having ample shelf, drawer and hanging space.

If your budget and space allow, our recommendation is to go as large as possible. Consider practically whether there is enough clearance space to easily open doors, walk around and comfortably place other furniture items.


4 Type of closet

Once you have determined your functional requirements, you can begin to consider the different types of closets available.

Freestanding wardrobes; they can usually be delivered faster and can be moved from one room to another or from one house to another when needed.

Two-door panel closets: These closets are usually of a fairly standard design, with the interior divided into two halves, with drawers on one side and rails on the other.

Three-door panel closet: Offering more space, this design incorporates another compartment with shelves or rails.

Sliding closet or hinged doors: Sliding designs eliminate the need to open doors to the outside and are great in tight spaces.


Home Bedroom Clothes Storage 2 Door Corner Wardrobe

5 Materials and finishes

The material, color and finish of a closet is a huge contributor to its style and its level of practicality.

Solid wood: One of the most used materials, solid wood is strong and durable, and each type brings a different feel and effect.

High-gloss finishes: Introducing a sleek, modern look to your room, this shiny finish is mainly available in black, white or very light colors.

Glass and mirrors: By reflecting light, opaque glass or mirrors add an extra dimension to a room, creating a bright effect.

Painted finishes: Available in many colors, painted closets are also available in a variety of different finishes.

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