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Corner Wardrobe Design and Measure Guide

Aug. 02, 2022

If you like to utilize every ounce of space in your room, then a corner closet will give you the breathtaking satisfaction that you've achieved the best storage space in your bedroom! Instead of leaving those hard-to-fill spaces empty, take advantage of the corners, especially in smaller bedrooms.

Corner closets maximize your space and offer tailor-made storage solutions, so if you're looking for a new closet, read on to discover the appeal of these corner-loving bedroom essentials.


The Benefits of Corner Wardrobes

Corners can pose a challenge when you're configuring bedroom furniture and are often a waste of space (valuable space if you're dealing with a small room) or a corner shelf or two in your home!

Corner closets offer a great solution for otherwise empty spaces. Fitting perfectly into these angled recesses, corner wardrobes make the most of awkward spaces in a room, turning the area into a major storage space.


Corner Wardrobe Design and Measure Guide


Corner Wardrobe Measurements

You've found the corner closet of your dreams, but before you click the "Buy Now" button, make a few final checks to make sure your lovely new closet is a true fit for your new home.


Check the product dimensions

Check that the closet you've chosen really fits the space it's been designated for. The height, width and depth of the closet will be displayed on the product details page, usually in centimeters. Don't forget to leave extra space to use the closet, for example by opening doors or pulling out drawers and leaving a gap at the top to make room. You can always use masking tape to mark the closet so you can visualize how much floor space it will take up.


Potential obstacles

Wall lights and radiators can be obstacles when you're considering where a closet will fit. If you need to move these items before installing your new closet, you may want to seek professional advice.



How will your new closet arrive when it is delivered? If it is delivered fully assembled, you will need to check that you can manoeuvre it through your house and up the stairs. If it is flat packed, it will be easier to move into position. If you are assembling your new corner closet on site, you will need to make sure you have enough space to build it and have the closet stand up during the assembly process.

By the way, flat-packed closets are really super easy to assemble, so don't let this put you off, it's usually an advantage in terms of price (much cheaper to deliver) and it's easier to haul up stairs, through doorways and around corners.


Designing your corner closet

Sometimes the off-the-shelf design isn't quite right, perhaps the feet are too round or the handles aren't the perfect shade of grey - which is why we've made it our mission to source a range of customisable corner wardrobes.


HOMEFEEL's custom closets allow you to choose elements from the color of the doors to the style of the handles. With ample interior storage space, this corner wardrobe will make a great addition to any bedroom. As part of our modern bedroom furniture collection, our Wardrobe offers complete flexibility in color, legs and handles so you can design your own corner closet to fit your bedroom.


If the angles still give you difficulty and you would like some further guidance, please email us.


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