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Corner Closet Design Inspiration

Sep. 05, 2022

Who doesn't love a spacious bedroom with a walk-in closet? However, most apartments have medium sized bedrooms with only enough space for a corner closet. Don't be discouraged, a little creativity and smart space planning can help you turn your pocket bedroom into an efficient storage unit.


If you like to use every inch of space in a room, a corner closet is a great option for achieving optimal storage space. Read on to discover a list of beautiful corner closet designs to help you get the bedroom you've always wanted.


Two-way corner wardrobe

A two-way corner closet or L-shaped closet is a great way to use empty corners. It is usually symmetrical on both sides, creating a sense of balance and is a better alternative to heavy duty storage. It combines function and style to ensure your room is neat and organized. The design is either a combination of cabinets and shelves or a full-size closet.


Slanted Closet

Sloped ceilings are where a bedroom corner closet like this one can come in handy, with compartments of all sizes inside. There is no better way to utilize the unused corners under the lower end of the ceiling. With this, you can organize a variety of accessories without taking up extra space, especially in the case of smaller bedrooms.


Corner Closet Design Inspiration


Bedside table corner closet

Most medium sized bedrooms have a nightstand on either side of the bed. Have you ever wondered if you could use the space above it? By leaving a gap, you can extend the closet section on both sides. This is a wonderful corner closet design that, although underutilized, can do wonders for bedroom space and ensure maximum use of space. You may consider using the same color as the walls. This technique helps ensure that the closet does not make the room feel small.


Corner closet with mirror

Mirrors can be a great addition to make a small room look bigger. A corner closet with a mirror is a unique solution for tight spaces. It not only saves space, but adds beauty to the entire room.


Corner closet with dresser

A corner wardrobe with a dresser is a clever design solution for a medium-sized bedroom. Using a mirror on the closet will surely enhance the room space. A soft color palette is perfect for this setup.


Wardrobe by the window

This type of closet is designed in the corner of a window wall. It is a practical design that accommodates storage space without compromising on aesthetics. It is suitable for smaller bedrooms, but can also be used in larger bedrooms depending on window location and space planning.


Sliding Corner Wardrobe

If you have limited space in your bedroom, a sliding corner closet may be a good option. It may be a bit expensive compared to other types, but it has the advantage of plenty of storage space. It easily blends in with most existing interiors and serves as a statement piece for your room. You can also customize the unit to suit your taste and requirements.


L-shaped corner closet

An I-shaped corner closet is another great way to deal with unused bedroom corners and can help you dig out some storage space. You may need to fold your clothes to make the most of the unit. You can also use it to store a variety of other accessories.


Corner Closet Design Inspiration


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