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7 Ways to Teach You to Maintain a Solid Wood Closet!

Sep. 20, 2022

The closet has become a necessary piece of furniture when we buy furniture in the decoration, there are many kinds of closet materials, of which the solid wood closet is a more popular one. Please follow Homefeel Furniture to introduce the solid wood closet maintenance methods to  you!


7 Ways to Teach You to Maintain a Solid Wood Closet!


1. Daily cleaning


Wooden closet usually just wipe with a clean rag, if there is dirty, you can use discretionary soap and water or neutral detergent, wipe with a wet cloth. Light rail door pulley using a long time to make a loud sound is a normal phenomenon, in order to ensure that the pulley lasting smooth and quiet, please every 2-3 months regularly along the upper and lower pulley to add some lubricant.


2. Moisture-proof


Solid wood closet has the characteristics of solid wood furniture, that is, wet easy to expand, so solid wood closet should not be placed in a very wet place, so as to avoid wood wet expansion, so that the solid wood closet life is shortened, especially the solid wood closet legs and feet are susceptible to moisture decay, so the legs and feet can be placed under the hardwood cushion block, grasp the laws of outdoor climate, the use of natural ventilation to tide.


3. Anti-heavy objects


Should prevent heavy objects and sharp objects smash touch track, scratch the cabinet and door panels, cabinet edge can not touch the water and other liquid solvents, so as to avoid the edge of the seal off. In the use of sliding doors must first look at the handle has no projection, such as a projection, should first press the flat, otherwise it will crash the sideboard or handle.


7 Ways to Teach You to Maintain a Solid Wood Closet!


4. Lubrication cabinet door pulley


Closet pulley if used for a long time, there will be a ringing sound, or sliding difficult situation. This will need every two or three months, on the pulley on a little lubricant. Otherwise too dry hard push and pull words, it is easy to cause the cabinet door scattered or off.


5. Do not use cleaning agent


Normally the closet a little dust as long as the use of dry cloth wipe can. But if you accidentally encounter the oil, to use a neutral cleaner to wipe.


6. Avoid direct sunlight


Closet to avoid being placed in direct sunlight, when appropriate, you can sun for a while. But usually we should pay attention to not exposed to the sun, otherwise the closet is easy to dry and crack, may also be discolored.


7. Insect prevention


Solid wood is easy to attract termites and other pests, so you can place some mothballs in the closet to remove insects, of course, usually have to pay attention to more cleaning to do.


7 Ways to Teach You to Maintain a Solid Wood Closet!

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