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7 Things to Consider Before Buying A Closet

May. 19, 2022

Bedroom wardrobes have become an important part of modern home design. If you are wondering - should I buy a freestanding closet or a custom built in closet, what types of clothing closets are on the market, what are the latest closet styles, or how a closet costs a lot of money - read this article, these basics and tips will help you understand how to choose a closet:


1. Wardrobe appearance

Laminate, veneer, acrylic, paint, mirror, and stained glass are the types of finishes used for closets that store clothes. Appearance is a factor to consider because it is one of the main pieces of furniture that draws attention to the design of the bedroom. It personalizes the space, expresses and enhances the look of the bedroom design.


7 Things to Consider Before Buying A Closet

Modern Full Mirrored 2 Doors Sliding Wardrobe


2. Material of closet

Particleboard, MDF and plywood are the most common materials used in closets. Materials such as laminate, acrylic and colored glass are also used in closet design. Choosing the right material to blend in with a traditionally styled bedroom
Use dark materials, and for a contemporary style, choose lightweight laminate, mirror or steel. Finally, make sure it is light and durable.


3. Off-the-shelf vs made to order

There are two main types of closets - freestanding or off-the-shelf closets and custom-made closets. A freestanding online wardrobe closet is easy to move from one bedroom wall to another or even take with you when you move. Custom closets are designed to your specifications. HOMEFEEL can customize to your requirements, contact us for cooperation!


4. Door style

Closet doors must be easy to manage, look beautiful, and not warp or bend over time. There are different door types for closet design - bypass (sliding) closet doors, bi-fold closet doors, mirror closet doors, accordion closet doors, pocket closet doors, French closet doors, and pivot closet doors. Each of these serves a different purpose.


7 Things to Consider Before Buying A Closet

Wholesale 2 Swing Mirror Door Wardrobe With Drawer


5. Wardrobe size

The closet size should fit the space allocated for the bedroom. It is best to measure the space allotted to the closet before you buy, or even start comparing closet prices. Make sure to check the exact dimensions and specifications to find the best closet design for your needs from small to large bedrooms.


6. Interior Design

The interior containing shoe racks, sliding shelves, drawers with/without locks, shirt/sari hangers, hinges, mirrors and handles determine how you arrange clothes, bags, etc. to optimize space. Walk-in closets may have additional features such as dedicated safes, shoe systems, closet islands, valet rods, full body mirrors, ironing boards and seating.


7 Things to Consider Before Buying A Closet

Furniture Design Mirror Sliding Door Storage Wardrobe


7. Price

In addition to the size, style and material of the closet, there is another important factor to consider - its price. When designing a new bedroom or renovating an existing one, keep the overall budget in mind. Then decide how much money you can allocate to purchase the best closet for your bedroom without going over budget.


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